Head In The Clouds…

cloudgateWell maybe not in the clouds but somewhere close. After being sick for a week, I’m beginning to feel human again… and just in time to go back to work.

I spent a few days in Washington DC and Annapolis Maryland while I was on vacation this week. I came home to one day of beautiful weather followed by a day of constant rain.

I’m still in sleep mode, or trying to sleep mode. I guess I am a little more rested than when the week started but I don’t feel like I got much accomplished, at least nothing of lasting significance. In life we seem to spend a lot of time running around and not getting anything done. I took a bunch of photos while I was out of town but nothing seemed to stick. I guess I was just off my game and not feeling so great.  Maybe in a few weeks I will have a different perspective on things. In the meantime I decided to move everything from my laptop to the backup drive so I will use that as an excuse to make a fresh start (at something).

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