Five Minutes Later…

Every time I go over to the offices of Atomic Dust ( I leave after a short interval with my head spinning and the only persistent thought I can muster is that all my efforts up to this point have been meaningless and just plain wrong. This is not to imply that the people who work there and own the company are not the finest and most considerate humans on the planet, they are just worlds ahead of us ordinary mortals when it comes to things like web design, marketing and color coordinating the typeface on your company letterhead.

I don’t even remember why I went over there today but I left with a new web domain, a self-induced headache and a complimentary beverage.

In between waves of information being thrown out like hand grenades, I also had the opportunity to demo the Nikon D90 which for some reason I have never held in my hands before today. It had an 18-200 DX VR lens attached, something else I have constantly heard about but never gotten around to inspecting. I’m into my second Nikon DSLR so the whole thing seems familiar to me though a couple of buttons are in new locations compared to what I am used to . If you are one of those people trying to decide between a D90 and a D300, I can tell you that inside electronics aside, they are two completely different beasts. I’m sure the image quality is neck and neck but the D90 feels a lot different in use than my D-300 which I sometimes refer to as my “Big boy camera.”  The video looks interesting though I quickly found out that you need something better than a discount store tripod if you want vibration free video. So that is my miniscule review… for now anyway. Next time I am over there I will have to sneak the D90 past the bouncer and out the door for a more thorough test.

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  1. I hope you’re enjoying your new site. It’s looking good. Thanks for withholding the barrage of questions I’m sure you have until later.

    Your Son-

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