Help-Portrait St. Louis CWE Success!

These are a few of our Hair Stylists from Paul Mitchell The School. We had over thirty volunteers on Saturday and they all did a great job. We had some issues with the printers and the flash triggers but everything worked pretty well. I think I would allow more time to get setup in the future or to set up in advance somehow.

I just wanted to thank everyone who came did everything they said they would do and much more. We had great support from our local restaurants; ~scape on Maryland Plaza and Pi Pizzeria on Euclid Avenue; who fed our volunteers breakfast and lunch and helped make our day much more productive. Please be sure to support our Central West End businesses whenever you can.

I had six other photographers join me and in addition to setting up lights and taking photos, they did a great job of editing the shots and getting them printed. They were some glitches to overcome along the way and everyone took those in stride and worked hard to make the day a success.

Everyone served at the event was extremely grateful for the time and effort of our volunteers and I think we had a positive impact. Thank you all very much for being there and doing a fantastic job.

Please feel free to contact me or to use the registration form on the proceeding post if you are interested in joining us for a future Help-Portrait event.