Help Portrait St. Louis CWE


That sounded good to me so I asked a few people to consider helping me organize a Help-Portrait event next December. It wasn’t very long before we decided that it couldn’t wait until December so we  began to organize a Help-Portrait event to be held on April 16th, 2011.

For those of you who want to learn more about the mission and origin of Help-Portrait, you should check out the main website at Take the time to sign up at the main site and if you live near the Central West End, join our group as well: Help Portrait St. Louis CWE.

Here is a graphic from the main Help-Portrait site that does a good job of explaining the concept.

It may seem strange that in this age of endless and constantly changing images, there are people in our community who can’t afford the luxury of a personal or family portrait. Photography is a pleasure easily taken for granted until that pleasure is taken away by things like rising food costs, medical expenses, heating bills or unemployment.

Help-Portrait is based on a simple idea, “A Picture Is Worth.” To me that means self-worth, respect and inclusion. In other words, we want to make people feel good about themselves. This project is all about giving – No portfolio shots, no self promotion, just a gift to another person in need.

At Help-Portrait St. Louis CWE we are currently looking for volunteer Photographers and Photo Editors to run six to eight photo stations for this event. I have several talented people from the Strobist St. Louis Group who have signed on to help make this project  happen and I am working with other companies and individuals to sponsor and work at our Photo Stations. There are still plenty of opportunities for more people to join in but don’t wait until the last minute. We plan on delivering finished portraits to between 200 – 300 people. These numbers are based on working with the 2nd Presbyterian Food Outreach Program.

Date: April 16th 2011

Start Time: 9:00 am To setup photography, hair and makeup workstations. We will have coffee and breakfast sandwiches for our volunteers provided by one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants so be on time. I’ll give you a hint, “Think French.”

Location: Second Presbyterian Church – 4501 Westminster Place, St. Louis, MO 63108

We should be able to wrap things up at around 3:00 pm. That’s a long day so we figured we better have lunch for our volunteers to keep the energy levels up. I think you’ll like lunch, it’s been given the Presidential seal of approval.

You can email questions and comments to me here –