Homeward Bound

Up before dawn and off to the airport. We are first in line at the check-in counter. The Jackson Hole Airport is currently being renovated. Half the lights are out and there is no PA system. The gate agent shouts above the gathering crowd. They don’t have jet bridges here so you get to climb up stairs outside to board the plane. That’s fine with me because I can take a few more photos as we walk from the terminal to the plane.

On Sunday morning I had an allergic reaction to some contact lens solution that I’m sure was long expired. I ended up going to the emergency room that evening to get my eyes flushed out (very unpleasant) and to get some medicine. All day long my whole face had been raw and irritated. My eyes were constantly watering and my nose ran like an old worn out faucet. My left eye hurt a lot. It hurt when I blinked. I had to wear my sunglasses all the time. I would have looked pretty cool wearing sunglasses in the dark except for the runny eyes and nose. The worst part was that we had to cut the day short and I was nearly blind for two days.

Time and painkillers helped a lot and I was back to taking photos the next day with the aid of my Nikon autofocus lenses.

The altitude seems to be affecting me as well. The nurses measured my oxygen saturation at the hospital but I forgot to ask what it was. I guess it was close to normal for old farts but I still feel a little short of breath, especially when we are going uphill.

We wanted pizza yesterday and that turned into a mini quest. We checked out one place and the pizza looked bad. We searched for another place that no longer exists. We went to the Snake River Brewery and ordered a custom made pizza, which is to say something close to our idea of a normal pizza should be.

Breakfast seems to be the best meal here in Wyoming. The other day for lunch I had a trio of small hamburgers (sliders) made of antelope, buffalo, and elk. It seemed like they could have all been improved with some mayonnaise or mustard but our waiter Kenny disappeared before I could ask for any.

Around sunset we came to some hot springs and I bolted from the car with my tripod in an effort to catch the backlit steam. We saw lots of buffalos on the way back towards Old Faithful Lodge. No time to stop and miles to go.

We had a long day of driving on Tuesday so we “relaxed” on Wednesday, which only made me realize how tired I was. It rained in the afternoon so I took photos of some neon signs and got wet. After it rained the temperature started to drop and we put on our coats. I took some sunset photos across the road at the Elk Preserve, being mindful to avoid the goose droppings. The sun set behind the Tetons and we went back to the Lodge to pack.

I wish I had more time, money and energy. There is a lot to do and see here and I barely got started. I hope one or two of my photos turn out but there are a bunch where I couldn’t really see what i was doing or where we couldn’t stop long enough to set up for a proper shot.

This morning we missed the earlier connecting flight in Dallas, which gave us just enough time until the next one to eat more bad airport food. I’m so tired that every little thing is beginning to annoy me including the guy sitting in front of us who is wearing a towel as a scarf.

Soon we will be home and there will be chores to do.

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