Hot Hot Hot

It’s hot outside and no one wants to do anything today. We are going to the Circus tonight in an air conditioned tent though I wonder how effective it will be against the heat.

I’ll take my camera along tonight and though you can’t shoot photos during the performance I might get a couple of shots after the show.

I ordered a small portable soft-box today and an adaptor to mount it to my painters pole. The adapter cost more than the pole but it’s probably cheaper than trying to cobble one together when you figure in the time it would take. I bought the pole a while ago to take crowd photos at an outdoor Halloween party but I’ve never gotten much use out of it since then so I’m going to mount a flash on it and use it with the help of my lovely assistant to get some fine directional portrait light.

The photo above is from our recent trip to Los Angeles, CA. It’s an often photographed sign so I used that as an excuse to come up with something different than a simple straight on shot. At least that’s what I had in mind. Circus Liquor, North Hollywood, California. June 2010.

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