I Want an iPhone

The fact is, I’m a late adopter (or is it adaptor?). One of the few things I have ever bought when it first hit the market was my Nikon D300 and that’s because I have a lot more confidence in Nikon cameras than any other consumer products. I figured the camera would be right out of the box or that Nikon would make it right if it wasn’t. That’s based on past experience. All my Nikon gear works and keeps working for years and years.

When the iPhone came out I thought to myself, “Oh I want one of those.” I didn’t camp out at the Apple Store or wait in a long lines to get one, I waited… A few months later Apple dropped the price and I still waited. The truth is that I am a luddite and I don’t really use a cell phone very much. The one I have now is probably eight years old and has a couple of missing and broken parts. I often forget it and leave it sitting on the kitchen counter like a pitiful answering machine. For the most part I can live without a cell phone. Whenever I get around to calling someone they are usually busy talking to someone else on their cell phone. The other problem is that our family is locked into another service provider’s plan for at least a few more months, atleast that is my current excuse. Oh, and I hate the thought of paying those monthly data and text plans for the life of the new phone.

So, I keep looking wistfully at iPhones and iPhone upgrades and thinking that they are not so much money and that I need a new point and shoot camera anyway, so the iPhone could kill two birds with one phone, I mean stone. Today I’m sitting around minding my own business and looking at photography blogs when I come across this tidbit from Chase Jarvis.

Damn, I want an iPhone.

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  1. Way cool! I know you’ve gotten your iPhone by now. Is it everything you wanted? I don’t have a cell phone, and am not interested in getting one but I was dazzled by the iPhone when I saw the display screen. I don’t have anyone to call, so I thought maybe the iPod Touch 4 would be better, no plans with that. Apple sure does have my attention.

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