Independence Day

I was off of work today though I didn’t do much except play on the computer and go down to the park to meet James so I could give him back his flash. He is going to the hospital to take baby photos for a friend.

I’m excited about the new park downtown. I’ve been there a couple of days in a row now. The weather was bad today but it gave me a chance just to look for different compositions to shoot later. I hate the fact that people climb all over the artwork like it was some sort of backyard play set. I feel like it is disrespectful to the artist but what do I know. Anyway I get to enjoy it until they make up all sorts of equally silly rules at some point after somebody’s kid is seriously injured.

My personal favorite and apparently quite a few others is Eros Bendato (Eros Bound) by Igor Mitoraj. It’s very cool.

I shot this with a green gel filter over my off camera flash. The lights that illuminate it were not turned on the first night I was there. They don’t do much anyway so that was no loss. They were on for this shot but my flash is easily wiping them out. I’m not looking forward to next Winter (even though it’s hot out) but I do want to get a photo of this the next time it snows here.

I want to buy another flash but that Nikon SB900 is ouch expensive. It looks like a pretty cool tool though. I may pick up a couple more Sunpak flashes which do the job in manual mode which is what I use most of the time now anyway (at least for tripod shots). I do have the built in flash on the D300 but it’s not any good for portraits because of the shadow it casts. It doesn’t work for the 12-24 either, making a big shadow because of the size of the lens. Bottom line is I still need some sort of Nikon flash if I plan on using the automated flash features (or bounce flash mounted on the camera. The Sunpak flashes don’t talk to the new cameras at all, not even in manual. I can always stick a wireless trigger on those but automated flash is good when things are moving around quickly and you can’t take a bunch of test shots. I never was in love with the SB800 but it is a tank. Trouble is they don’t manufacture those anymore and people are probably charging an arm and a leg if you can even find one for sale. I should probably just get two SB600 flashes for the same price as the SB900. The only reason to debate all these choices is because I can’t actually afford any of them. The one you should choose is invariably always the most expensive.