It’s A Good Day For A Mad Wedding!

Last night Mad Art Gallery celebrated its tenth anniversary by throwing a big Wedding Party.

“Weddings have funded the gallery’s mission for the past decade, and we are celebrating ten years by throwing a huge wedding party MAD ART style.

Come dressed as a bride, bridesmaid, groom, groomsmen, officiant, drunk uncle, or whatever role you would like to play in the party. We will have costume contests for individuals and groups throughout the night. Some of the categories are: best bridezilla, zombie bride and groom, tackiest bridesmaid, best dressed same sex couple, best shotgun wedding party, best mail order bride, best celebrity couple, best gender bending, trash the dress, and more. Can’t decide on a category? Mix it up! We’ll get you and your wedding party into one of our categories. Think vampire Brangelina.”

It was more fun than a barrel of bride monkeys. Brides everywhere I do declare. Here a bride, there a bride, everywhere a bride, bride. Oh yeah, there were some grooms too.

Today is couple’s day so here are a few of my favorites from last night.

Yes, I love a mask well worn. It’s funny how a mask does more to reveal someone’s personality than to conceal it. These two look happy and confident and that is beautiful.

A happy Mad Art anniversary to all and many more to come.