Just Another Ordinary Day

It’s just another day and not one I’m certain we will remember for long. Sometimes it’s the ordinary things that come into focus clearly and cause us to realize that these days are the most important when it comes to putting together a life. It’s not the monumental moments that matter but the moments in between that no one notices. I’m celebrating the failures that fall between occasional success. I wish the two could be reversed but since I’m not always sure ahead of time what it is I am trying to do I will have to settle for things the way they are.

One Reply to “Just Another Ordinary Day”

  1. When looked back on, it seems as if the ordinary daily photos are the most special. It’s funny how I bypass a lot of photos looking for the one with the best form and later when searching through them or as they pass on my screensaver, I’m surprised by how many good shots I’d overlooked.

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