Just Sit And Think For A While

stoolieI’m feeling a little lethargic today much the same as I felt yesterday. This is usually about the time when I start hatching plans for things to do during the coming week. I desperately need an out of town trip to get me out of this slump. It seems as though I haven’t been anywhere in ages when in reality it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was taking photos up in Michigan. Of course that trip is mostly what is responsible for busting the budget and keeping me at home for the past week.

I am supposed to do some night shots with the Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera this week.  Since I have several Brownies that have been modified to do different things, I am always trying to figure out which one I want to use. I like the one I converted into a pinhole camera the best lately but that makes for some really long night exposures. I have another one with a flipped lens but that seems to work better at close range and I am thinking more of wide angle shots for this project. So I will probably use the straight stock model and load it up with some Kodak film. I’ll try to hit some spots downtown on Tuesday night.

The other thing on my mind today is waterproof equipment cases. Over at www.adventurecanoe.com we are knocking around the idea of a guided river trip on the Jacks Fork River. Of course you have to have cameras along on a trip like that and you have to keep the cameras dry. If anyone has any good experience with waterproof cases please email me or add a comment down below this post.

I have used Pelican brand cases in the past and they work well. There seem to be a lot different cases out there to choose from so if anyone would like to send me one for review I would be happy to put it through the paces. Until then here is a video review of an HPRC case that I found on Youtube.