Late Night Olympics

I’m contemplating the spin

Of things from without and within

The world keeps moving at it’s normal speed

Though nearing the center it appears to increase

Everything seems like the same old spin

As though it’s been rehearsed

And repeated again

And now what should I do

Whatever you want he says on queue

I stay up late and try to decide

If the emotion is fake or from inside

We play games and stay up late

To contemplate the spin

Until the morning when it begins again

The world keeps moving at the same old speed

And will continue with or without me

Sometimes it feels like you just can’t win

So I just sit here and contemplate the spin

3 Replies to “Late Night Olympics”

  1. I tried to keep my head up, my eye on the prize, my feet on the ground. I watched my back, I watched my step, I watched which way the wind blows. I came, Isaw, I took the picture. And now all that’s left is to leave a comment on your blog.

  2. Sometimes I think being an impartial witness is the best we can hope for. Let the masses make their own bloody decisions.

    The text and photo are unrelated (except for the reference to spinning). I was writing about my reaction to some athlete interviews I saw on television that seemed a little too scripted… Make that way too scripted. There was no authenticity to any of it at all (in my opinion). Contrast that with a high school basketball game I went to last week and the differences become like night and day.

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