Light Snow Falling

ornamentsWhile other parts of the country have been hammered, we were getting mostly flurries or plain old rain. It looks like the snow is now falling in earnest and since it is Sunday there is not likely to be much effort to clear the roads until much later tonight.

I am warm and happy, looking out the window at the chilly display and wondering if I want to go out for a walk before I go to work. It looks like I have to take Louis the Furtography dog out since his owner did not. The guy on the radio says it’s twenty seven degrees outside. Brrrr…

Louis decided he wanted to go for a long walk in the snow and ice and after a while he had big chunks of ice stuck in his paws and was doing his lame dance. He was about half frozen which is his own fault so I had to stop the photography and carry him all the way home trying hard not to fall down on the snow covered ice. Between the dog and the massive camera bag, I was breathing pretty hard by the time I got home. Now that I’m warm again I think I might run over to the market to get something for lunch and dinner.

While we were out Louis and I stopped at the dog park where he started barking at a painting of a dog on the side of a utility company junction box. That was pretty funny and Louis was a little embarrassed when he figured out it was not a real dog. A lot of these big green utility boxes have been painted over with interesting designs. One of my flickr friends who goes by “formica,” took Brownie Hawkeye photos of the ones where he lives in Asia. I have thought of photographing the ones around here before but have never gotten around to it. Today I took a couple of snaps of the ones at the dog park . I’m not fond of photographing other people’s art but since these are somewhat transitory I guess it’s not bad to have a photographic record of them. Most of the works are unsigned so there is no way to contact the artists.

I want to get photos at the park downtown but I guess that will have to wait for my day off. I’m still thinking of trekking up to Chicago for a day next week. I hope the airports are not on total lock-down because of the lame attack on the Delta flight the other day. That was a close call and I’m thankful that there was a positive outcome. This is not a political or social commentary blog so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m going to walk over to the store now…

When I returned from the store I dumped the morning photos to the laptop and got ready for work. I’m taking my camera just in case I decide to go outside at dinner time and grab some quick shots.

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