Like A Complete Unknown

with no direction home

I’m on vacation at the lake this week and I’m not required to do much of anything. On the way up we stopped for gas and I spotted this abandoned sign waiting for me to take a photograph. There are things that have no particular meaning to anyone but for some they represent a favorite memory or experience. A friend of mine had a brother who bought a new motorcycle one summer shortly before joining the navy. It wasn’t long before we were borrowing it and cruising all over town while our parents were at work each day. Back then a gallon of gas cost around twenty five cents and at sixty miles per gallon you could make a pretty good day of it for the amount of money you could find between the couch cushions or by returning glass bottles for the deposit. We were young, fearless and foolish. Somehow we never got caught or stopped for speeding.

The weather and the water are perfect today. I spent a lazy afternoon just soaking in the sun and breeze, then I went for a swim and played catch. The girls are making a peach cobbler to go with the ice cream for dessert.  Dinner tonight is salmon cooked on the grill and pasta with home-made pesto.

Saturday Sunset

As I was walking down the stairs to the beach last night a woman standing on the landing looked towards me and said, “Not much of a show tonight.”

I replied, “Yes, but it’s still a show.”

She probably didn’t realize that the final act is often the best and most satisfying part of the show. I forgot the mounting plate to attach my camera to the tripod (hey I was tired) but I was still able to use the tripod to steady the camera and get a couple of shots I liked. It’s not like the world needs any more photos of sunsets but I always like taking them or at least trying to take them.

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  1. The blank sign is very intriguing! I don’t know why but DX came to mind on the shape of it. I didn’t look it up but maybe I will later. The sunset scenery looks a lot like some of our mornings waiting for sunrise at the beach.

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