Living a Life of Danger


On Sunday my friend Steve and I met over in Midtown to take some photos loosely based on old television shows about spies and secret agents. Just about everything we work on together is loosely based or loosely made because we never really have a budget for these things, just overactive imaginations.



This is the most complex shot of the day and by that I mean I used the most lights. This was done with four Nikon hot shoe flashes. The main light (camera right) is in an umbrella soft-box and the other lights are gelled and used for fill. I only brought one stand so I have all the fill flashes setting on tables. All flashes were fired with Yongnuo RF-602 radio triggers.



Setting up a secret meeting. After a quick breakfast we were able to borrow this location for our interior shots. Model: Haley Marie Horton



Your mission… is to look fabulous (should you choose to accept it). Model: Nicole Parmentier-Jones.



Stopping traffic. Everyone loves a photo shoot. We had a lot of appreciative drivers going past our shoot, some drove by more than once.




“I’m watching you… watching me.” All these outdoor shots were done with a single mono-light powered by a battery pack.



Keeping an eye on the competition.



Setting the trap, laying the bait. We tried this a few times, mostly a comedy of errors. I thought it was hilarious and could have gone on all day. Steve eventually gave me his don’t be a turd speech, which is short and to the point.



“Congratulations… You found me.” It’s called, chase me catch me. The idea is to make someone follow you so you can catch them instead of them catching you.

This is just a small sample of the photos we took. Thanks to Steve for putting it together and to our models. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. I didn’t show them here so they could properly inform all their family and friends.


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  1. Love these photos! Great job with the sets and lighting and models! This message will self-destruct in a few years.

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