Long Island Getaway

Last week Debbie and I flew to New York and rented an electric car to drive to the end of Long Island. We stopped at the Montauk Yacht Club and got a ship shape room with a view of the water. We didn’t go fishing but I did take a snapshot of this photo hanging on the wall.

These are iPhone photos of ship models at the Yacht Club Inn. The iPhone is great for capturing little details along the way.

Fish for dinner at the mostly empty Yacht Club restaurant. Not much is open this week in Montauk but we don’t care because the weather is perfect and it is quiet except for the sound of wind and waves. After dinner the Chef provides marshmallows and wooden skewers for the fire blazing outside on the patio. We providee shortbread cookies dipped in dark chocolate that we brought with us from home but never had time to eat until now.

This one is from the big camera. If you look closely you can see the big black dog on the right. We arrived too late to take a tour of the light house but I was happy just taking photos as the sun set.

This is a good example of what the weather was like all week. Cool nights, sunny days.

They say that Montauk is a drinking village with a fishing problem. This guy seems to have an opinion on the subject and he doesn’t mind sharing it.

A mess of nets and rope… Tools of the fishing trade.

“The Villas” nestled in between the Coast Guard Station and the Yacht Club. I love the shadow of myself in the corner showing my inner tourist. It’s a salute to the snapshot, often under-rated but so clever and precise at showing us the world as it is and making us hungry for all those details that we once thought of as distractions.