Sometimes it feels as though we are going in loops or circles. No matter how fast or slow we end up exactly where we started. This can be a source of satisfaction or frustration depending on how you look at the world.

I always seem out of sync with the rest of the working world and out of the loop when I am at work. I always seem to be running in circles and not getting very far.

I’ve been working with my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera this week and taking photos around the neighborhood each day. I’m not sure my efforts will produce any great works of art but I do get to poke around and think about composition for a few minutes each day.

It rained last night and it looks like it is going to rain again this afternoon or evening. I drove through the park on the way home from the airport this morning but nothing caught my eye there. Then I took the dog for a walk and took a couple of iPhone photos. I guess I should get outside and look for today’s BHF photo before it starts raining again.

Yesterday after lunch I got the idea to take some photos of rain puddles so I will probably try looking for another good one today.

The photos are from my April trip to Memphis, TN.

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  1. Your sharp eye caught something special in the the reflection of the bottom photo. I like the softer tones in the other photos, I have grown to love things old and worn.

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