Love In The Air

These photos have nothing to do with each other but sometimes juxtaposition is more interesting than conformity. It seems like for the past week or more that television commercials have been constantly reminding us that love and money are somehow connected. That can only mean that Valentine’s Day is almost here and what is a holiday if not an excuse to spend?

The Grammy Awards are next Sunday, an opportunity to get together with everyone and take some theme photos. It looks like warmer temperatures are predicted for next week so I hope to ride my motorcycle. I renewed my permit last week. James says he’s going to be needing his boots and other gear back so I might have to go shopping for some things too.

2 Replies to “Love In The Air”

  1. I too am shocked at the suggested gifts for our Valentine. What happened to a tiny card with funny pun and a red heart? Still, it’s as good an excuse to shop for yourself as any. I think we all need to do little nice things for ourselves once in a while. Wish I could hear the sound of your motorcycle.

  2. The motorcycle has a single cylinder engine so it sound a bit like a paint shaker. I will might make a short video when the weather warms up.

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