Man In The City

William came over on Saturday to take photos and he was in a word – brilliant! Last week we had been talking about Robert Longo, Richard Avedon and a bunch of other artists who inspire us so we made some loose plans to have a photo-shoot the following Saturday. Any strategy conceived in the aftermath of a large Sunday dinner is suspect and likely to be abandoned at some point during the following week. In this case I was pleasantly surprised to hear that William was on his way over, especially when I found out he was working some sort of split-shift and only had a couple of hours to spare. That’s dedication to art.

I was having a lot of fun while William worked hard to get the right look for this series and thanks to him I think we got a lot of keepers from our short session. It’s always great working with artistic people who have the ability to translate and incorporate style into their everyday life.

Lighting info: Two SB600 flashes at 1/4 power on the background. SB900 at 1/2 power in shoot thru umbrella on boom stand directly above camera. SB800 at 1/16 camera right behind subject with DIY gridded snoot, though I’m not sure it was doing much of anything. There was a 42″ white reflector in front of the camera to add a little fill. I used the shoot-thru umbrella as the main light because in a small space it tends to create its own fill by bouncing light all around the room. I flagged the two background SB600 flashes on the camera sides to cut down on flare.