Mid Century Modern

I have just arrived at that place in time that people have been looking forward to since the 1950s.

I just got a new iPhone for Christmas. I could never completely make up my mind about getting a new phone. My old phone was terrible and I often left it at home because I hated using it.

The iPhone is a blast. I never cared much for text messaging and never bothered with social networking sites. I left it up to others to keep me informed about what was going on in the family.

The iPhone makes keeping up with everyone simple, which is great for people like me who are late to the online game.

So I’m sitting in the car listening to NPR on the radio as the rain comes down. The last of the holiday shopping is getting done as I write this post.

Welcome to the future.

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  1. Congratulations on your iPhone! You’re so lucky! I want an iPhone too but sadly have no one to call, no one to call me. I’m not a telephone person, but it would be great for emergencies. The internet part of it intrigues me. I bet it’s hard to put down. Apple makes the best toys!

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