Mostly Hot & Humid


Summertime fun in the sun (and shade) while trying to stay cool.

Hanging out at the pool with all the cool kids or at least the kids who want to look cool. It seems like these days everyone is trying to be someone or something they are not. Life has become all about Selfies and self validation. CBS News host, Bob Schieffer did a brief story on the dangers of Selfies this Sunday.

The definition of Selfies are, “Self portraits typically taken at an arm’s length.” This brings to mind an old idiom, “To keep someone at an arm’s length.” Meaning to to avoid becoming connected with someone or something. In this case the someone is ourselves. We are keeping our own true selves at a safe distance while trying to portray our social self as someone for others to envy. Look at me, I’m drinking champagne by the pool. Look at me, I’m dancing with the DJ. I’ve got no problem with self portraits or having fun in general but sometimes it would be nice if people would just be who they are instead of who they are not.