Must Have Photo Gear

A lot is written about photography and photographic equipment. Photographers are after all hopeless gear geeks (including me) and I’m a big fan of the Giottos line of air blowers. I have several Giottos blowers strategically located around the house so I don’t have to go looking when I need one. These powerful tools work equally well for film or digital photography work and have saved me a bunch of time and money since I started using them. They work great for removing dust and lint from film and that saves a ton of editing time after the film is scanned.

The newest addition to the collection is the Giottos Q.ball with an adjustable air nozzle that makes it the perfect choice to take with me in the camera bag. It has all the same features as the larger Rocket Blower in a slightly more compact and portable profile.  It weighs 2.3 ounces so you’re not likely to notice it until you need it. I use mine for cleaning cameras, lenses and film but the Giottos blowers are ideal for just about any sort of equipment, instruments or keyboards making these a perfect gift for just about anyone. Giottos has a lot of other cool gear like mini ball heads and tripods. Be sure to check out the whole line at