My New York

So much has been said and written about New York that it seems foolish trying to add my thoughts to those of others more qualified. Even though I’m only a tourist I feel a strong sense of belonging in that place and I always look forward to going back again. Sure I get turned around and wander blocks in the wrong direction but in spite of that I still feel as though I own the place just a little.

It was a cold weekend but not nearly as cold as on a few of  my previous trips. The sun went down early on Saturday, just as I expected but I would have liked a little more time to take photographs of people shopping before moving on to look at the store windows.  One of my ideas was to capture the window and the reflection of the surrounding buildings at the same time. It’s confusing in a way but intended as a sort of a puzzle to tickle the brain.

The crowds around Rockefeller Center and Times Square were immense. We shuffled along in the mass of people until we arrived at the restaurant where we were able to talk our way into seats at the bar and enjoyed a great dinner while being entertained by the bartenders Julio and Geronimo.

On Saturday morning we took a cab to Soho and ate breakfast after what seemed like a long wait for a table. We arrived exactly between breakfast and brunch, which seemed to confuse the staff. It was worth the wait and a good lesson in not being so impatient.

Just a short little weekend trip to the big city and a short post. I still have lots of photos to edit from the shoot a couple of weeks ago. It would be great to get caught up again and have a day to do nothing. Time to get busy…