New York Reprise

It’s always interesting to go back through my photographs for the previous year. I usually don’t get very far before finding one that I didn’t have time to work on and that I would like to try making into a print. Though I’m easily sidetracked and my workflow is horribly inefficient, I press on for no other reason than to create something I enjoy. I wouldn’t mind if someone else liked it as well but I don’t think it would change the way I do things very much.

People are always talking about pushing through to the next level or becoming better photographers but I wonder if this can actually be done. I don’t know that we get better or if we just get different. Sure we can learn new things as we go along or at least we should if we are paying any attention to the world around us. My photographs are a record of who I am and where I am at any given moment in time. If I’m lucky they may also show a little bit of who I would like to be. There will be high and low points, along with a lot of experimentation and and exploration.

I’m fond of neon signs and don’t need much of an excuse to take a photo of one. The Fanelli Cafe is in New York City, where I took this photo on a bitterly cold Sunday morning in December. I wasn’t sure at the time if taking a short trip to New York on a cold overcast weekend was worth the expense but looking back now, I’m glad we went.