Not So Lazy Afternoons

yellowchairThe landscape is glowing, gleaming in the golden light of day
I ain’t holding nothing back now, I ain’t standing in any body’s way

-Bob Dylan, “Rollin’ And Tumblin’.

Twilight on a river in a shiny new red canoe is not a bad place to be. Not to mention the fact that you often meet some rather interesting products of American culture at various points along the way.

James said let’s go paddling the new canoe after work. OK by me. We loaded up and headed for the lake or so I thought. After it was clear we were heading in the wrong direction to go to the lake I asked, “Where are we going?”

“Oh we are going to the Meremac.”


We crossed the river and I said, “Hey didn’t there used to be a boat ramp on the side of the river we just went past.”

James says, “I don’t know.”

“OK, so are you going to Winter Park?”


More driving while I thought about all of the river access points I could remember along the path of the highway. “So are we going to Meremac State Park?”


“Where are we going again?”

“To Onondaga.”


An hour and a half drive on a Tuesday afternoon to test paddle a canoe seemed a little excessive even for James not to mention the dark clouds that were rolling in as we drove south. We made it down there in good time though with one stop at a very interesting gas station with very interesting people populating the scene. Finally we arrived and even though James had called in advance to arrange for a shuttle driver at this mega canoe rental and campground business the young ladies working in the office acted as though this was their first experience at canoe rental and that was despite the fact that we had brought our own canoe.

We finally hit the water sometime around 5 pm and has a really grand little float trip that lasted about 2-1/2 hours. James brought along a Nikon D-90 in a Pelican case and I brought my Canon A-1 waterproof camera. We took a few photos for the website and I took a bunch of photos of things that caught my eye. We should have been a little more serious about it but we were mostly into enjoying the new boat and seeing what we could do with it. We’ll save the photo shoot for another day and maybe hire some of those local cultural icons we met to act as models.