Objets trouvés

Found Objects

In the Winter things seem to revolve around the weather. Yesterday it rained and rained which is in a way better than snow or ice. This morning everything was very wet but I was able to walk to breakfast and have a Belgian Waffle with berries and whipped cream with hot syrup. Along the way I found this interesting glove and for some reason lost gloves seem to require photographing. I had the Canon SD600 in my pocket so I took a shot and cropped it later when I got back home. Everything is nicely saturated by virtue of being wet so taking photos after it rains can be productive. We went for a long walk after breakfast to scout out attractive places that we might imagine ourselves living in someday. It’s nice to have an imagination when it comes to things that you can’t really afford. I’m still dreaming of a trip to New York to see the window displays and holiday lights.

My Yongnuo flash trigger transmitter finally showed up in yesterday’s mail. The mail is really slow these days so be prepared to wait if you need to order anything from China. I’m very happy with my RF-602 triggers and I think they are a good value for the money. There are new versions coming out all the time and it’s hard to keep up with what is available or may be available soon. I’m looking forward to testing the new PocketWizard mini and flex when the Nikon version is released.

The Canon SD600 seemed to stop working (no LCD display) on the way home. It has one of those little porthole viewfinders so I was still able to take photos with it. Am I really that hard on these things? This is the fourth of fifth Canon P&S camera that I have managed to break since I started using digital cameras. That track record makes me reluctant to spend three or four hundred dollars on a new one. I’m still pondering the value of an iPhone and it’s tiny little camera with no flash. Maybe Santa will bring me one since I don’t seem to be able to make up my mind about much these days. I’m leaning towards being a one camera or one camera system kind of guy and just spending my money on my Nikon gear. The money spent on a small pocket camera could go towards a really nice prime lens for the D300 or even a new flash unit. Pocket cameras are just handy to have and draw less unwanted attention. I read an article a while ago which made the argument that large cameras were not really needed anymore because publishing is moving to a web based model and all the extra resolution of an SLR camera is basically wasted on the web. Maybe so but I am more interested in making prints and prints of any size often require quality optics and camera bodies to capture. There is no perfect camera and I have made some of my best photos with thrift store junkers. The bottom line is that we should think more about photography and less about hardware.