Odds & Ends

A lot is happening and yet not very much seems to be getting done. I’m planning on taking a trip but I don’t know where yet. I’m planning a photo shoot but I don’t know why. The hot air balloon race is this weekend and I am planning on going to that even though balloon photos seem a little pointless. On the other hand if we have good weather with blue skies it will be good to be outside taking photographs of just about anything.

I took some photos at Atomic Dust the other day for the Alive Magazine web site. The painters have been at our place all week repairing the hallway ceiling so I’ve been getting up early and feel like I am running on half power. I did manage to get my Hasselblad film scanned but I have not been able to get very far with editing those photographs.

Here is a shot of my pretty little BMW 650 Funduro motorcycle named Isabella. I took this photograph with the Hasselblad camera using 120 format B&W film. Morning clouds (see below) gave way to bright afternoon sunshine that bounces off the crushed limestone parking lot and provides fill light in the shadows.

This is a nice classic bike over at the BMW Open House last Saturday. This was also shot with the Hasselblad 501c with Kodak color negative film. My scanner was producing a weird yellow color cast so I had to spend a little time correcting that and of course removing all the dust and lint that always seem to be attracted to negatives.