Outside The Window

cabinwindowFennville, MI. July 2009.

There is a knife outside on the windowsill
Placed there a long while ago
And it lays there still
And just inside on the table
Sits an empty jug of homemade wine
I fear it was the potent kind
The makes you nervous
And makes you loose your mind
When you are sitting alone in the wintertime
It’s best to leave the knife outside

I had not noticed the knife at the time I took this photo, other things were on my mind so the fact that it is lying there seems like a little bonus and gives me something to think about. Next time I am in Michigan, I should set out on a little day trip of my own so that I can stop whenever the scene dictates. It’s not so bad traveling with one other person but traveling in a group requires to much diplomacy to insist on stopping at every old barn or rusted out truck. If nothing else, traveling with others teaches you to work fast so as not to test the patience of your companions to the limit. Well at least not the extreme limit.

I took this photo at a slight angle to avoid my own reflection and then skewed it back to the proper perspective again in post processing. Sort of the poor man’s view camera but it works wonderfully to adjust the the angles if not the depth of field and you can do it after the fact when there is time to yourself to contemplate things like knives on widow ledges.