Peripheral Visions

I went looking for the other “Men In The Cities” paintings that once hung in our office building but found only blank walls. I guess part of the collection has been loaned out. At least I still have one of them to look at. I’ve become mildly obsessed with this the past few days. I never really knew anything about Robert Longo, I just formed a mental response to the presence of a few of his works of art that happened to exist in my small midwestern world.

There is a contact link on Robert Longo’s website so I sent an email asking if there were any good interviews about the Men In The Cities series. The archivist emailed me back essentially saying, “Just search the web.”

I’m not sure I expected any response but that seemed like an odd one to me. So I went searching and this is what I found of interest.

So my answer lies somewhere between dancing and dying, the jerky punk moves of the time and the New York uniform of the day. I still find these works inspirational and now years later maybe I have a better chance of explaining why (or not) but it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes I wonder if knowing too much about your inspiration can take some of the power away.

I’m going to end on a happy (couple) note by including one of my photos from last months Strobist St. Louis group shoot.

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  1. You used that inspiration very well. Your images are so much more appealing to me. I think it’s the sharpness and clean background combined with well dressed attractive models and your obvious talent with the camera and lighting too. I think I might like to see a man in a box grouping next time.

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