Point & Shoot Paradise


Late in the day
There came a summer rain
That washed all the dreary colors away
And turned the skies to soft gray

Early in the night
Came the return of clearer skies
So I went for a walk outside
To a little city park that people like

Until once more it was time
For me to turn and go back inside
To work on numbers, reports and files
And silently dream of quitting time

The little camera in my pocket brings me comfort and a small sense of purpose in recording the scene as a storm brushes against the window and blocks the sunset. Buildings vanish into the mist and clouds. It’s a low tech image at best but the image describes the mood and emotion. I visit this window nearly every working day and watch the scene change with the seasons as I wonder if anything has been accomplished or affected by my presence. Perhaps there is someone watching me looking out my window.