Popping, Crashing, Snapping

We made Cake Pops at home on Sunday. The rain this weekend was constant and cold. We looked for new cars in the rain on Saturday and of course the salesman couldn’t figure out why we might not want to drive around in the rain dodging city traffic. We had already passed a couple of wrecked cars on the way there. We looked at more cars in the rain later but never decided on anything we really liked.

Looking at cars gives me no special pleasure. I’m still hoping the old one can be fixed for not too much money. I think we made the mistake of holding on to it too long and now it’s going to cost us. I always seem more comfortable around old things for some reason. Some fool (uninsured motorist) ran into the car in the parking garage at work a couple of weeks ago. I figured it was a waste of time trying to get it fixed or getting the repairs paid for. Hmmm… why to they call them reckless drivers when they are always having or causing wrecks? Just another reason not to get a new car but used cars don’t seem to be any great bargain either.

So even though there is a lot to be happy about there is also some stress because of all these things we probably don’t need but always think we do. The car problems have put a hold on all our other plans and purchases. We wanted to take a trip next month but that is probably out the window if we have to buy another car. It’s almost funny when you think about how silly these problems are but I seem to feel obligated to fret about such things for some reason.

Maybe things will start looking better now that the sun has come out again.