Provisioning The Mob

Ten adults can eat a lot in one day. That means another trip to the market to buy the ingredients for tomorrow nights dinner but before I start on that story let me give you an update on Todd and his group of uber-fit house guests. This morning when I got up they were in the backyard doing yoga. Later as we were passing around yet another plate of bacon, they were working out with free weights. They must have worked out for over an hour this morning or about the same amount of time we spent eating. Todd came over late last night to complain about the noise coming from the bunkhouse which takes up half the detached garage and is nearest to their house. Todd says he works for a construction company but I think it’s a cover for his real job with the Secret Service. The whole family drives big black SUVs and I keep thinking I have somehow been transported to an episode of the 24 series. I keep thinking Jack Bower is going to burst in and start screaming orders at me in some effort to save the free world from destruction. Nope, it’s just Todd and the Uber-fits working out again.

Anyway, I drove to Holland with two of my daughters and went to the big super discount store and bought giant bags of shrimp, melons, onions, chips and a mountain of other stuff for tomorrows dinner. Tonight we are having spaghetti and meatballs (you can’t go wrong with that). The girls make their own sauce from scratch. There was a fight last night over some purloined bread but I think everyone is over that now. We also went to the charming fruit stand that my lovely assistant told me about yesterday. I have to admit that it was pretty photogenic but there was a crowd there so I did what I could do in between them.

Later we went down the road to Amsterdam which is a funky ceramic and antique store that has all sorts of cool artifacts sitting around outside. I had a good time just wandering around while the girls went shopping. I almost forgot, we went to Cranes Orchard on the way to Holland and bought a couple of pies for desert along with some apple cider doughnuts. I’m getting plenty to eat on this trip so far. Lots of good photo-ops everywhere you turn. I found a new (to me) neon sign in Holland so that kept me happy. I also found an Imperial 127 camera to add to my pile of photo junk.

Dinner is on the stove and I don’t want to be late.

Summertime Market, fresh produce.
Summertime Market, fresh produce.

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