Random Thoughts

Sometimes a really good piece of art or a photograph can take the mind places and all your thoughts seem to mesh together for a moment.

It was the last thing he saw

As he went out of this world

He couldn’t recall the last thing he heard

In fact it seemed absurd

There was no sound at all

And he thought it rather odd

As he went out of this world

One Reply to “Random Thoughts”

  1. This is all very sad, except for the fact that you noticed it and took the time to photograph it. It will serve as a reminder to me to stop and photograph these things. What for, I don’t know, except to not have the regret of a missed photograph.

    Just this week, Monday, I think I came out of Walmart, a place I try to steer clear of. I’d gone there to pick up baby Hunter’s portrait for Kerry. I was in the store before ten but by the time I got to the studio, there was already a shy little boy ready to be coaxed into smiling for the camera, so I waited and watched as the photographer worked her magic on him. She soon found that rather than tickling her shy customer, the smiles came when she tickled his brother or dad with her feather duster. I enjoyed watching so didn’t mind the wait. Always one who has a hard time saying no, I bought the extra sheets of Hunter’s photo too, all the same pose. I’m usually sorry I bought them immediately afterward but it’s too late then. I deprived Kerry of the joy of giving me her baby photos by keeping one of the sheets myself. When will I learn.

    Now to the point, on leaving Walmart, I saw a lost glove in the parking lot, flattened and frozen with the fingers in the love sign. I wanted to photograph it instantly but I’d left my camera in the car. I thought to go back and get it but thought I would look stupid standing out in the parking lot photographing a lost glove, love or not. It would have been great for Valentine’s Day. Next time I’ll think of your tree and just do it.

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