Four Twenty

I was told today that 4-20 had a specific meaning in some circles. That was news to an old fart like me that worked for a living during the seventies. Anyway, we ended up visiting several restaurants today with the idea of doing some sort of review but by the end of the fourth one I was pretty much done for the day. I had a lot of fun visiting all of them and I was my usual annoying self, sticking my camera in places where it didn’t belong and scaring the wits out of a few employees who couldn’t figure out what we were up to.

I liked these posters on the ceiling above the bar at Sanctuaria.

Guerrillero Heroico” is one of the most famous images of all time and several versions are plastered around the restaurant. At Sanctuaria they seemed to have some sort of communist theme going on so I started ranting about coming back and photographing everything with a communist camera or at least my Imperial twin lens reflex like the one that was once owned by Lee Harvey Oswald. I’m not sure I understood what the whole idea was about but there seemed to be a lot of references to original sin and pleasures of the flesh thrown in along with the communist manifesto. The tapas were very good so I was happy.

One of the servers told me that the restrooms were unisex so I got into a debate about why I hate that term. At least the place is clean but I did leave the toilet seat up just for the fun of it. Besides the posters on the ceiling there is some interesting art scattered around the interior and an inviting terrace outdoors. It’s an interesting place for sure and the staff is great.