Ride Ride Ride

On Saturday we went on a long ride. Taylor was intent on finding some twisty roads to play on and wasn’t interested in stopping every five minutes to take photographs. We passed one photo opportunity after another and I did my best to take mental notes of the interesting bits and still concentrate on keeping the motorcycle upright and between the lines on my side of the road. We had a good adventure and some bad fast food. It seems like I’m more about the constant stopping and Taylor is more about the uninterrupted flow of the ride. He got a new pair of boots for his birthday and was stomping around the house like a berserk robot trying to break them in a little. That’s one advantage of borrowed or “hand me down” gear, it is already past the newness stage and seems to fit better. It also makes me feel a tiny bit less of a novice by giving the appearance that I have some experience. Maybe some of the experience will rub off or be absorbed. Maybe wishful thinking.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and a young guy who was arriving for work looked over my bike and was astonished to learn that BMW made motorcycles. He even took a couple of photos with his cell phone and asked how much such an exotic machine might cost. Oh to be young and to have ambitions. Earlier in the day an older man was looking our bikes over at the gas station and commented that the BMWs held their value too well and that is why he had never owned one but that he had owned nearly every other kind of motorcycle. Taylor seems to have grown tired of the novelty of having complete strangers asking about the motorcycles each time we stop and of asking where we are going to or coming from. I can see where this curiosity might come in handy some day if you were broken down or stranded someplace far from home.

When we stopped for a late lunch Taylor asked how I was feeling.

“I feel like an eighteen year old trapped in a sixty year old body and I’m not even sixty yet.”

I was plenty tired by the time I got home. Pulling off the big black boots was a chore and it took me an hour to work up the energy to jump in the shower.

This morning I slept late and when I finally left the house it was to go for a drive in the car to take some photos. Nothing too special in mind, just and excuse to use my camera. There were lots of pretty clouds in the sky but I only made a half-hearted attempt at taking photos. I forgot to bring my glasses so trying to look at the tiny maps on the iphone or reading the camera menus was a pain. I stopped at the dollar store and bought some cheap glasses but by then I was hot and worn out from jumping in and out of the car to take photos. I decided to take the long way home on the highway to give the inside of the car a chance to really cool off.

Back at home I debated going out for dinner. Everyone else had already eaten by then so I made some eggs and had breakfast for dinner, which was fine with me since I never got around to eating breakfast today. I have managed to accomplish a few things on my to-do list this weekend so I’m pretty happy. The fence company photo eventually made me think of the Eagles song, “Desperado.” (You’ve been out riding fences for so long). I guess I’m going to have that tune stuck in my brain the rest of the night. There are of course worse things in life and I would be happy if I could contribute something lasting of my own to popular culture.

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  1. This sounds so familiar! Life is all about choices. There is a small timeframe and it seems like all the good choices of things to do, places to go and photos to take happen within that time, causing us to always leave most things undone while accomplishing only one. There seem to be so many talented and brilliant people, I count you among them, but it’s still so hard to get noticed in the flash flood.

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