Rogue Creek Rendezvous

A big thanks to my boys and to Bob Honz at Gateway BMW Motorcycles for a fun weekend with perfect weather, good company and a chance to recall everything I don’t know about riding motorcycles off road or the more politically correct “off highway.”  There is nothing like being around a bunch of really skilled and talented people to make you feel like a hopeless idiot. Once I got past my white knuckle fear of death and dismemberment I had some fun in small doses. The heart was happy but the head kept saying, “Don’t do it you old fool.” Luckily my main goal was to take a few photos while standing safely on the ground.

This morning I woke up and got a cramp in my leg right away. Then I noticed that my left ankle was still slightly sprained. Not from riding motorcycles but from tripping over something in the dark I think. Next I spotted the new Patagonia Catalog in a stack of mail on the table. The pages were filled with people hanging off the side of mountains or skiing down impossible cliffs… Yeah, that helped my low self-esteem. It seems like everywhere I turn there are  things to remind  me of adventures missed or out of reach.

Icarus said, “All limitations are self imposed.” Can this possibly be true and how old was  he when he said that? I’m willing to concede that there is a lot of truth in that statement but people also do a lot of foolish things when they ignore their limits or have none. Sometimes you can fly too high or too fast. Sometimes you have to ignore all your instincts and put your weight on the outside peg.