Running Of The Pigs

On Wednesday afternoons a certain event takes place that shocks some people, amazes some and disgusts others. In Pamplona, Spain they have the running of the bulls but here in the Central West End we have the delivery of the pigs. The pigs don’t actually run because they have been butchered and split down the middle. The boys from the farm do the running and run the pigs past you while you are eating your lunch. Yesterday they ran the pigs down the sidewalk past the patrons at Wildflower and the chef over there had a cow. Hey it’s all food. That protest was what apparently stopped the second half of the pig from coming past our table on the sidewalk in front of the Brasserie, where the pigs are being delivered. The first time I saw the pig delivery I was eating salad in the dining room. “Was that a pig that just went by?”

The weather was perfect yesterday so we rode our bicycles to lunch and looked for condos that are for sale in our neighborhood. Our old house in the suburbs is for sale again and at an asking price that is less than what we sold it for. I guess our timing was right for once in our lives. Everything around here is expensive, especially condos with the amount of space we would like. We are looking at a few more today but I am afraid they are out of our price range.

The other thing I wanted to say was to check your camera settings between shots. I had been taking photos in the dark the night before so my ISO was set to 2000. That caused the first few photos I took to be way overexposed. Settings can get moved inadvertently as well so check and double check. You never know when a once in a lifetime shot will come by. Be ready.