Sleep Slumber Snooze

Going back to sleep would be easy right now, even preferred. The sheets are warm and the room is cool. Rain is falling like a gentle lullaby outside the window.

Yes, it would be easy to go back to sleep, much easier than it was last night when I was thinking ahead to today. My mind struggles to compare the options until finally I take a last deep breath of the scent of clean linens and slide my feet towards the floor.

I stagger to the shower and the water is immediately hot… A minor surprise and too hot, so my brain tries to calculate a better ratio of hot to cold water until it settles for a simple guess.

The brain and the body are at odds with each other at this hour in the morning. They converse in terse terms and have different interests.

Shower off and clothes on, the bags have been packed and we are off to the airport in the pre-dawn rain. The airport is a familiar ritual of parking lots shuttles and security theatre.

Flying never fails to amaze me, especially on the outbound part of the journey. The early hour, rain and darkness seem to enhance the magic.