So What’s My Obsession About?

Boots At RestW Magazine is having a photo contest at the moment and the theme is Obsession. I’m slightly obsessed with photography and food and fashion. I’m not very fashionable myself but I am fascinated by the creative aspect of fashion. At first glance it seems like something people don’t really need but what’s the point of life if it only includes the things that you really need?

We often  spend way too much time worrying about hardware and other things that really don’t add much value to our lives.  I thought about using this shot of the boots as my submission to the magazine. It’s funny how the things that create obsession in one person mean nothing to the next. I think I was attracted to boots on this particular fall day because the smell of beef being grilled outdoors by six of the best chefs in St. Louis reminded me a lot of my trip to Argentina. Travel is another obsession of mine though I often feel put to shame by other travelers who have a lot more time and money so spend crossing the globe.

I used to be obsessed with tools. Carpentry tools mostly, I even made a few tools of my own for carving totem poles and cutting things straight and square with a power saw. I’ve come to the conclusion that I may have a few too many obsessions and that prevents me from being able to really focus on any one obsession.

One of the pitfalls of obsession is that you spend so much time obsessing that you rarely get anything useful done. I also obsess over little lists of things to do that I carry around with me for a while and then abandon in favor of new lists. The list of projects becomes a project itself and then none of the other projects manage to get done. Of course that’s not all my fault because life and family usually conspire against our carefully laid plans to get any sort of personal work done. Just don’t become obsessed with blaming others for your lack of will power.

Anyway, I’m off in search of a new obsession or at least a good description of an old one so I can send it off to a magazine to be judged by other people with their own obsessions to deal with.

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  1. This is an interesting chain of thought. I tried to think if I have an obsession and nothing comes immediately to mind, though I would have known what it was years ago. Your tool obsession is the most interesting to me and the idea of making a totem pole. It’s an art form that I was fascinated with ever since the first time I heard of or saw a totem pole. There are a few in the area here and they all seem to have been created using a different method. Might be a nice idea for a photo study. Thanks Dennis!

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