Some Kind Of Success

successAnother internet success story… Well some sort of success story anyway. I think I might go to the store today and look for a new pocket camera. I now own three broken Canon Powershot cameras of various vintages. If I could afford an iPhone I might just forget about a camera and use the one on the phone instead. I was looking through some old photos yesterday and it is clear that there is a great benefit to having a camera on hand all the time, especially a stealthy little one. Hell, I like playing with cameras at a restaurant while I am waiting for my food to arrive. It’s hard to leave the house without one in my pocket. Right now I’m looking at the Fuji Finepics for their wide angle and low light capabilities.

I guess the secret to longevity in compact cameras is to rarely use them like a lot of people I know. We go out and I say, “Where is your new camera?”
“Oh, I left it at home.”
Now I know why mine never last as long.

We are supposed to go canoeing this afternoon and that sounds like a pleasant change of pace from working at the office. My neck is killing me again so some time away from the computers and keyboards will probably do me a lot of good. At least I’ll be sore in a couple of other places to distract me from the pain in my neck. I’ll be taking the Canon A-1 waterproof camera of course and finishing the roll of film I started last week in Michigan.
There is some demolition up the street that I want to get photos of and there is a full moon tomorrow I think so I’ll keep my eyes open for some night shots. I still have film in the Sawyer’s Nomad that I need to use and get processed.