Something To Blog About

I know nothing about blogs other than the fact that people seem to spend a lot of time reading them. I guess that means that they spend a lot of time writing them as well.

I take photographs. Some people say I take good photographs and that I may even know something about how to take photographs. Hmmm… big deal. 

Right now everyone is focused (pun alert) on the presidential elections. Knowing what you are doing is not always the most important thing in life.

One Reply to “Something To Blog About”

  1. I’m a few years late finding your blog. I’m glad you stuck with it though and as I have time, and am not typing on the grandkids Nickelodeon Slime notebook from the comfort of bed, I’m going to read your blog. Your thoughts and opinions have always interested me. I’m at a loss in my own little world right now, so it will be my pleasure to visit your world for a bit.
    Blogging must be mainly therapeutic in nature. It always makes me feel better to write my thoughts, even if it’s day to day drivel and no one else reads it. My life must be worth something, I have several years of it blogged.

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