Steady Progress Towards A New Beginning

The end of February has arrived and the worst of winter should be behind us. Yesterday I went to a chili cook-off at Gateway BMW Motorcycle and looked at all the shiny new motorcycles inside the showroom and parked outside on the lot. The sun even made an appearance as you can see by the hard shadow in this photograph. All of the chili entries were pretty good though the vote counting that went on behind closed doors may have been rigged. You have to keep a close eye on those motorcycle people.

My personal motorcycle thoughts and desires are frozen somewhere back in the nineteen-seventies and it’s the old style motorcycles that I love the most. I suppose fuel injection, reliable engines, smooth transmissions and powerful disk brakes are an improvement but I prefer the looks of a classic bike and would like nothing better than to ride around (at relatively slow speeds) on an old BMW R900 or even an older R750.

These days I don’t think I can even afford to dress up like a motorcyclist but I guess that is why people get loans and make payments on expensive things. I would rather dream than make payments so I guess I will have to settle for riding my bicycle instead.

I’m looking forward to Spring and the smell of gasoline and fresh cut lawns. It’s all about new growth and hope.

2 Replies to “Steady Progress Towards A New Beginning”

  1. The world is passing us by, Dennis. I can barely understand the language anymore, let alone the thought process. I sit by the side of the road and watch the parade with all its bells and whistles and cartwheeling clowns with a mixture of amusement and horror. I guess that’s what happens when you get old.

  2. Once you begin to think that you understand how the world works, change becomes even more difficult than it was when you realized that you knew nothing at all. These days I’m amused much less and horrified much more often so it appears that you are exactly right.

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