Strobist St. Louis Group Meet-Up

This photo has nothing to do with the Strobist St. Louis gathering that is coming up in a week and a half (November 20th & 21st). I took this last Sunday while I was scouting locations for another photo shoot I’m working on. I like it a lot so I’m posting it over here.

The registration page for the Strobist Meet can be found at this link –

I’ve been busy playing with  (testing) new gear in advance of the Strobist St. Louis meet-up where I will be getting together with a bunch of other photographers, models, hair stylists and makeup artists.

A glass of water spilled on my trusty (old) MacBook last night and that resulted in a big white blob appearing at the bottom of the screen. I dried the Mac out for twenty four hours and it appears to be fine now. It’s a spunky little machine.

This is another shot I like. Sure it may not suit everyone but it works for me. I’m hoping the good weather hangs on so I can take a few more outside photos next weekend.

I’ve got more goodies coming in the mail next week, giving me something else to look forward to and that always puts me in a better mood. More on gear towards the end of the month after I have done some more playing.