Sunday Brunch

I went to brunch today. The sun is out and it’s relatively warm. We sat at a table next to a double door that can be opened so we had a fresh breeze coming in and a grand view of all the activity going on outside. This is another iPhone photo run through the Pic Grunger App. I fear that I’m in danger of overusing it but I do like the old weathered look.

Yesterday I went to the Chili Cook Off at Gateway BMW. James chili came in 2nd in the tasting competition. He likes it hot and spicy (weapons grade). Today I think I may be suffering slightly from having tasted so much chili but it was fun and I got to ride my motorcycle. It was a little chilly (not chili) riding later in the afternoon. I got home before dark and worked on the Help Portrait St. Louis CWE project a little. Laura came over and set up the website for the donations. The main HP site is and the big event this year is on December 3rd but we are doing a test project the week before Easter. Whatever funds or supplies we have left over will get rolled into the December event. I didn’t find out about this project until after the fact last year so I am trying to get a head-start and get other people motivated early this year.

Online donations can be made here –

The sponsoring organization is the 2nd Presbyterian Church, 4501 Westminster. St. Louis, MO.

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  1. Dennis, I love this idea and the poster!

    I did this on a small scale one day with some old brothers down the road. One allowed me the portrait, one would not and the other I got when we went to buy a Christmas tree from him. All were very memorable moments to me and treasured because the three brothers are gone. There is one more brother down the road still living, the youngest, who is well over 70 that is left. I’d love to photograph him, but he is skittish and I’ve been working on him for several years and still have only talked to him briefly a couple of times. He has never married and lives alone and has supported himself all his life just logging. He has a steady girl down the road, Sonja. Other neighbors have told me that Paul and Sonja are the longest engaged couple in the U.P! I’d love to do their portrait and with their permission have it put in the paper as an engagement notice, just for fun. Who knows, maybe they’d actually get married!

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