The Circus Of Life

They say that life is a circle but I think it’s more of a circus. Sometimes words can have two meanings and sometimes two words mean the same thing. We managed to squeeze a small circus into the living room this weekend by moving out most of the furniture and piling the rest up on one side.

In the dreamy surrealistic world of photography the themes and ideas you start out with often blur together and the circus conveniently ends up next door to a ballet studio. The only thing missing was a trapeze act and a muscular guy on a white horse. It’s always good to hold something in reserve for the next time you have a party. Give them more than they expected but always leave them wanting more.

We had our first Bar-B-Q of the season and it was great as usual thanks to the family grill master. Everyone got dressed up and some even made costumes.It was quite the collective effort and that is always impressive.

The tattooed lady was a no-show and that’s ok,  for once I was not the one who had to work on the weekend. We could have used a snake charmer but we did have a feather boa so I guess that counts.

I guess I will have to eventually take down my lights and put the furniture back in place but I am in no big hurry. I have a day off next Tuesday so maybe I can get a few more subjects to pose for me between now and then.

It’s raining outside and it’s a cold rain. March is such a problem child so I’ll be staying in and working on some photos.

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  1. Imaginative way to play! Your words here move me more than the photos but your efforts were not wasted on the performers.

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