The Jury Is Out

The Presidential Inauguration is over and so are my two days of jury duty in the City of St. Louis. Today is Chinese New Year and a big winter storm is bearing down on us. There is nothing much new photographically speaking except for my New York weekend earlier this month and some photos I took of the Drive-In Donuts sign last weekend.
No one seems very interested in my efforts lately. I think photography is becoming more of a general pastime now that everyone has entered the digital age. It is relatively easy to take photos and post them online for all your friends to admire. People certainly chafe at the idea of paying someone to take photographs. It seems as though everyone with (or without) a camera dreams of being the world’s greatest photographer and living a life of carefree adventure.
I’m just trying to make it through another dull week of uphill struggle.

One Reply to “The Jury Is Out”

  1. I’ve thought about this some myself. Did artists of long ago have any better chances of gaining fame than we do now? I wonder how many talented artists and really good photographers from years back are unknown to us because we were never able to see their work. Today, despite the ease of exposure, there’s just so much competition! At our house, we call it falling in the crack, and for the most part have come to accept and even expect it.

    You do put a lot of effort into your photos. You know all the old, hard, technical ways of photography. You know all about cameras, film, technique and so much more that escapes me. They made digital photography fool-proof and fun for the rest of us.

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