The Quota System

I stood outside a door

Painted with the words

More, more, more

And it felt as though

I had been there before

The world’s constant demands

Are like many grains of sand

That irritate the mind of a man

But I am only what I am

An unheard stranger

In an even stranger land

I walked along a wall

That made me feel as though

I had never done one good thing at all

While a weary voice from within

Whispered more, more, more

In a world of unchecked greed

You can’t meet their needs

Or the constant demand

To work like a machine

Enough is never enough

When you begin to believe

That the only  correct philosophy

Is more, more, more

It’s Easter Sunday today. I don’t know if it is the end of a really bad week or the beginning of better week. I have the sad feeling that it is the start of something much worse. In photographic terms, the world seems to need a new filter to correct its tone and color. Maybe it is just me.

This should be a happy day; full of hope, promise and celebration but I feel like natural selection is trying to weed me out. I thought by now I would have some idea about how to navigate the world but it just keeps getting stranger and more unfamiliar all the time. I guess that is why people join churches and other groups so that they can convince themselves that there is some organization and meaning out there.

Some people turn to popular culture for wisdom only to find that songwriters don’t really have all the answers, they just happen to be clever with words and that is all. Oh well, at least a good song can make you feel better sometimes and it is our thoughts and feelings that define this human experience. Happy Easter.