The Season of Change

After waiting around for a year we finally went over to the Four Seasons Hotel today to check it out. The rooftop pool has a great view of the St. Louis Arch and looks like it would be a cool place to watch the fireworks from on the Fourth of July.

I started working on the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Challenge today and took five or six photos with my pinhole Brownie. I also had to order a new viewfinder thingamajig for the D300 today because I lost the original someplace. That’s because the D300 with the grip and the tripod plate is a pretty tight fit for the Lowe Slingshot 200. I think I popped the rubber eyepiece off when I was pulling the camera out of the bag. I also ordered some Fuji print film today which I have not used before in the 120 format. The Kodak Portra was out of stock so I took it as an opportunity to try something new. I used to use quite a bit of Fuji 35mm film before going digital and I still have some in the fridge that I should use one of these days. I must be in a film frame of mind today because I was poking around looking for my crummy light meter and ran across my stash of Polaroid film. 
Photography seems to cost more than what people are willing to pay for it. It does not have to cost a lot but it does cost something unless you can scarf free film from your relatives. More on that subject in the near future.

At The Four Seasons

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  1. I found a cartridge of 110 and 126 film last year, one in an abandoned house and the other in a camera at Goodwill. I took them to be developed hoping to find some long forgotten photos but instead, found neither roll had been used. Thank goodness for digital for the rest of us!

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