They Call It Black Friday

They call it Black Friday but I call it Black & White Friday. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I go to downtown Chicago and take photos of anything and everything that suits me. This is the third year in a row that I have set off on my own to observe the crowded streets and feel the energy that you can only get in a place like Chicago or New York. I don’t actually shop for anything myself except for my traditional peanut butter cookie snack or maybe a hot dog or bratwurst. It’s not about shopping for me.

This year I spent part of my time taking street photos of people passing by (en passant). So I got a lot of blurry shots of people on the street but it was fun.

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  1. Black & White Friday sounds like a much more fun holiday tradition to have. Again your words stir my imagination, this time in a Mary Tyler Moore way.

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