Time Gets Swept Aside


It has been eight hours since we left our apartment in the city. I am sitting at the table in the main room of a small house that is the summer home of a friend. A cool steady breeze is coming in the open windows and there is a view of the lake made better by the spring storms that came this year and cleared the tangle of branches and vines across the road.

The bead-board ceilings glow with the warmth of the diffused afternoon sun coming through the canopy of trees surrounding the house. There is a warm patina to everything that speaks of many years and many memories. There is also the quiet and unspoken promise and hope for many more to come.

I glance towards the kitchen with its collage of different cabinets added over years. They reflect the abandoned trends of past decades but find perfect contentment and order in this small summer place.

There are in fact many things here to evoke a fond past. Artifacts of lives well-lived and cherished fill the walls and spaces. They speak of relationships to be preserved like the bounty of a summer garden.

I sit here alone with the past for a moment waiting for the rest of my own tribe to arrive. We will make memories of our own in this time we spend together. There will be big breakfasts, bigger dinners, bonfires at the beach and lots of laughter. I will sing and cry, play the guitar, ride my bike, go on walks, stare at the water and the waves and count the stars at night. I will come home with new treasures and many memories.

Note: This post is from some scribbles I made back in July. In fact, all my posts this week are completely out of order. I tend to work on the most recent things first and then work my way backwards until I have run out of work to do, especially editing photos. Sometimes I don’t get everything done and when things slow down I might go back in time a month or more to things I didn’t have the time or energy for at that moment. Real time gets swept aside in a tide of thoughts and feelings leaving only the time that exists within our own individual minds. Don’t try to set your watch by it.

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  1. I am swept away by all these warm and wonderful thoughts. Glad you had the time to experience and share them. Lovely photo.

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